Okwudor in Imo State is a place least expected  to try this out when we have top notch hotels in Owerri (Nigerian Las Vegas)!
Biogas is one way that we can reduce our carbon footprint globally. The state of Imo State , irrespective of being an oil producing state and supplying gas to other places in the nation,has also started building capacity in the area of biogas positioning the state to leverage on the future.

The need to invest in alternative energy becomes imperative as the global warming is reaching to a high level. Nations are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprints by investing heavily in these technologies no matter how rudimentary it is .

In okwudor village in Imo State ,a young man has taken the bull by the horn , he is investing heavily in this alternative energy by channelling the gas from soak away pits and laterines to be used in cooking. He has done this so well that the people are happy with his technology.

No matter how rudimentary this might be ,it has reduced the village and the state’s carbon footprint, less kerosene would be used, less trees to be felled for firewood and money saved that would be ploughed back to other areas such as health, businesses , infrastructure and other things.

In the words of Tim Webb ,he said that shits can be useful! “Next time you flush the toilet, you could be doing your bit for green energy. After being stored for 18 days, human waste will from today be returning to homes in the form of renewable gas.”

What is biogas? According to Homebiogas.com it defines biogas as “Biogas is a type of biofuel that is naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste. When organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste, break down in an anaerobic environment (an environment absent of oxygen) they release a blend of gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide.  Because this decomposition happens in an anaerobic environment, the process of producing biogas is also known as anaerobic digestion.”

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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  1. This is a lovely thing to hear about my country Nigeria. Pease, can he able to have the contact of the young boy that made bio gas with a soakaway? May he can make some for us. If possible I can be reachreached through my number: +2347055571839. Thanks


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