Zoracom, an indigenous Cyber Security and IT advisory firm recently in Lagos was recognized as one of the Top 50 Nigeria’s Digital Economy Enablers 2023 for their role the company is playing in the promotion of Nigeria’s digital economy especially in the area of cyber security. this is coming with the recent launch of their NSOC facility in Lagos. A facility dedicated to arresting, mitigating and monitoring cyber security breaches of Nigerian firms.

Speaking to the media after the recognition, John Nwachukwu, the recipient of the award and the Chief Information and Executive Officer of Zoracom said, “I feel elated at this award and it is a testament that our impact is been felt. We launched our network and security operation center this December, the aim is to provide a cyber security management to enterprises, so what we do is that we are able to help businesses in the area of monitoring/visibility. This is when they will be able to identify when there is a problem. So, with our NSOC solution as a service we are helping to bridge the gap of lack of resource and support networks of organizations from financial sector to ISPs.”

Speaking on surge, John added that “Our solution is a scalable solution, one important thing we do is that we are at the point that it scales. What we do is that before bandwidth growth happens, we see it through graphs, it could be cyber attack or many users at a time like now we have people accessing online financial transaction. We advise organization on how to scale. We encourage people to go online and do transaction and we focus on the root cause. We have mirror solution and fortress to ward off attacks for organization and they are automated.

The Top 50 has become an institutionalised agenda (on its own) to identify the industry leaders in general and specific aspects of the IT market. The 2023 edition is all about the  coming together of industry players. The 2023 edition of Top 50, the first after COVID 19, opens a new chapter for a general and specific assessment of the industry that will allow for measurements across verticals for Top 10, Top 20, Top 50 and Top 100. Some of the companies recognised for their impact in the ICT industries include regulators like NCC, NITDA, Data Protection Agency and private players like Open Access Data Centres (OADC); FinTrak Software Co. Ltd; Ezzential Global Services Ltd; Crystalfix Nigeria LTD (CNL); Cedarview Communications Limited (CCL); Zora Communication Limited; Information Connectivity Solution Limited (ICSL); Unitellas International Limited; Swift Telephone Network Ltd (STN); HD Technologies; Smart Web Nigeria Limited.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu